Detailed explanation of Imekura Research Institute

Imekura Research Institute is an image club, cosplay type manners, Deriher information search site throughout the country including Tokyo, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Gotanda, Ueno, Osaka, Nagoya.
Imekura is an abbreviation for image club and it is a shop where girls can basically wear uniforms costume and receive services. People who are not experienced Imjikura tend to think that they are simply cosplay or molesting play, but this is a tremendous excitement unlike usual when you experience it.

There are also shops with setting of molesting play using train leather etc. Please check every store. Depending on the imecura shop, to take care of the image, there is also a place where you can play from the state that the shower enters separately and you wear clothes There is also excitement. Also, mostly girls are on standby with a system (sitting, standing, sleeping, etc) specified in advance with an eye mask, so after entering the shower we go into play.

In Imekura Research Institute, the real store type Imekura, the hotel type Imekura, the waiting type imekura, the delivery type imekura in the business context. Female teacher, uniform, loose socks, bloomers, high school girls’ school system Imekura. Nurse, nurse, medical doctor such as doctorate imekura. Ol, secretary and other company employee Imekura. Animation, games such as girls’ dream imecla. Moe type of Imekura such as maid. Train system immecla such as molesting. Sexy imecla such as body console, T back and so on. Other costume type imecura. Other fetish imecla. Various genres of imecura are posted.

A store search page that collects only excellent stores, a female search page with numerous girls posted, a store details page, a woman detail page, a customs vocabulary collection etc., and a simple and easy-to-understand design configuration with an easy-to-use area search and narrowing down function And we are.
Since we are offering discount services at many stores, we have seen ○○ Research Institute when using ○ ○ store! Please tell. For mobile trip parties, those who are searching for shops on the go, the mobile version is also substantial. Soon smart phone version will be released so please expect. · The group operates several easy-to-see sites classified as categories of manners and ordinances and expects to increase in the future as well.

This site is in compliance with laws and regulations, and in principle we have submitted a wind and pilgrim license to all publishing stores. Also we refuse high school students and those under the age of 18 for website browsing. · Although our company does patrols on the site, there is a possibility that misprints, old information, sales closing shops, etc. are misleading as it will be input at stores as regards information on publishing stores. I’m sorry to indeed accept responsibility for damage etc. due to misinformation, so please check with the store again when using the store. · We are waiting for contact from the inquiry page because we do not care even those who have opinions or requests on this site even if it is trivial matter.